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Past Conference 2020


pdf Detailed Program (as of January 21, 2020)

pdf Overview Program

The forum will feature presentations and discussions in a mountain venue that should foster exchange, creativity, and the development of new ideas for innovative and interdisciplinary research.

On Friday, the Forum will focus on a selected theme to be determined, interacting with actors and experts in the field (‘science meets reality’). It will follow the very successful focus sessions of previous Forums on ‘science meets industry’ (2008), on ‘science meets the world of regulations’ (2009), on ‘transparency in food’ (2010), on ‘scenario dynamics’ (2011), on 'corporate social responsibility' (2012), on 'urban agriculture, logistics and PPP' (2013), on 'sustainability issues, water, crowdfunding and social media' (2014), on 'water as a scarce resource' (2015), on the 'future of food' (2016), on 'Online Retail' (2017), on 'Climate Change' (2018) and on 'food changes ahead' (2019).

Participants meet in morning and evening sessions, covering a full working day. Afternoons are free for individual and group meetings for reflection, discussions, networking, and relaxation while skiing, walking, enjoying mountain restaurants or discovering the Bavarian flair of Garmisch and its attractive surroundings and tourist destinations.

General Program Stucture