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The Forum invites an international scientific audience from management, economics, engineering, marketing, policy, sociology, social psychology, information management, system modeling, and any other scientific field with interest in the subject to submit proposals for presentations and to participate in discussions on the global challenge for innovation and system dynamics in food systems.

Examples (non-exhaustive) of topics that might be addressed:

Transparency and Sustainability:
Transparency needs of enterprises, chains and consumers (Analysis, Modelling, Serving) assuring sustainability and trust

Networks, Integration, and Modelling:
Sustainable and dynamic networks for innovation support (Integration Needs, Barriers, Support, Communities)

Consumer Needs:
Affordable Food (challenged by energy needs, climatic changes, limitations in resource base, etc.), Improved Diversity and Consumer Choice

Cost/Benefit and Socio-Economic Performance:
Consequences of Regulations on Costs, Benefits, Competitiveness, Success Factors for Food Value Chain Performance

Organization and Management for Sustainability and Performance:
Organization and Management in Enterprises, Chains, and Networks for Efficiency, Sustainability, Flexibility, Risk Containment, Responsiveness, etc.

Policy and Markets:
Regulations, Control, Risk Containment, Innovation and Development Support

Presentations can discuss research results, research concepts, research scenarios that could open discussion on the state-of-the-art research needs.

The Forum program will feature the following elements:

  • Plenary presentations
  • Plenary and group discussions using a brainstorming format
  • Contributed paper sessions

All papers will be discussed by assigned ‘discussants’ and the audience. Participants are expected to accept the role of discussant. The quality of the Forum discussions builds on the experience of its participants. Presentations by PhD students are subject to participation of their advisors providing discussion support. Papers will be made available on a limited access website to discussants for preparations about 4 weeks prior to the Forum.
Presentations could be published (if of interest) after the event in the peer-reviewed online proceedings and/or submitted for publication in the International Journal on Food System Dynamics.

The official language of the Forum is English