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Some Previous guest speakers from industry, policy and related associations

Focus sessions on Thursdays/Fridays - Science meets with actors in the field

2024: Emerging developments

Dr. Rebeca Fernandez (fooddrinkeurope, Brussels)
Dr. Sjaak Wolfert (Senior Scientist, Wageningen, The Netherlands)
Dr. Christian Diem (Complexity Science Hub, Austria)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schillberg (Fraunhofer, Germany)
Dr. Patrick Brown (Break Through Institute, California)
Jan Burck (Germanwatch, Germany)
Dr. Ulrike Schmid-Staiger (Fraunhofer, Germany)
Dr. Guido Albanese (CEO, Koralo Foods, Germany and S.-Korea)
Prof. Dr. Mark Post (Co-Founder MosaMeat, The Netherlands)

2023: Disruptive innovations for sustainability

Prof. Dr. Alan Matthews (Trinity College, Ireland)
George Monbiot (Journalist, Reboot Initiative, UK)
Urs Niggli (Director, Agroecology, Switzerland)
Carsten Gerhardt (Founder, Circular Valley Initiative, Germany)
Francis Johnson (Senior Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute, Bangkok)
Dina Bacovsky (Head, Best - Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH, Austria)
Ulrich Spaan (Vice President, European Trade Institute, Germany)

2022: Innovations in production and New Food

Nicole Baron (Bayer AG: Bayer Carbon Farming Initiative, Germany)
Martin Wild (CEO, Organic Garden Initiative, Germany)
Padraic Flood (Director, INFARM, Germany)
Felix Ahlers (CEO, FROSTA AG, Germany)
Dr. Pasi Vainikka (CEO Solarfoods, Finland)
Dr. Britta Winterberg (Vice-President, FORMO, Germany)
Selma Seddik (CEO INSTOCK, The Netherlands)

2021: Innovations in products, consumption, and sector developments

Dr. Britta Winterberg (Chief Scientific Officer, LegenDairy Foods, Germany)
Raffael Wohlgensinger (CEO, LegenDairy Foods, Germany)
Philippe Schuler (Global Movement Coordinator, Too Good To Go, Denmark)
Hans Joehr (Former Corporate Head of Agriculture, Nestle and co-founder SAI)

2020: Food System Developments and Policy

Diego Torresan (Operation Officer, Bio-On, Italy)
Geert Maesmans (Director, Research and Development, Cargill, Belgium)
Jan Ingelbeen (CEO, Greenyard Frozen Flanders, Belgium)
Johann Költringer, (Director, Austrian Assoc. of Milk Processing Companies)
Jannes Maes (President, European Young Farmers’ Organization, Belgium)

2019: Food System Changes

Ms Olga Yakovenkol (Food Chain Expert, Ambrosus, CH)
Dr. Alfred Friedacher (Head, Research and Innovation, Christof Industries GmbH, Austria)
Mr. Baris Özer (CEO, Bugfoundation GmbH, Germany)
Mr. Max Kultscher (Partner Bugfoundation GmbH, Germany)
Dr. Kristian Möller (CEO, FoodPlus GmbH, Germany)

2018: Climate Change, Commons, and Big Data

Mr. Martin Frick, (Program Director, United Nations Secretariat on Climate Change, Germany)
Dr. Johannes Kotschi, (CEO, Open Source Seeds, AGRECOL, Germany)
Dr. Hendrik Hamann (Th. J. Watson Research Center, IBM, USA)

2017: Online retail and Bioeconomy

Mr. Jean-Jacques Vandenheede (Director Europe, Retail Insights, Nielsen, Belgium)
Dr. Nikolai Reynolds (Director, Ipsos, Germany)
Ms. Mag. Julia Stone (Director, Billa Online, Austria)
Mr. Daniele Rossi (Chair, WG, Copa-Cogeca, Belgium)
Dr. Christian Paterman (former Director, EU-Commission, Belgium)

2016: Future of Food

Dr. Kurt Schmidinger (Chairman, FutureFood, Austria)
Mr. Gus van der Feltz (Global Director, Philips Lighting, Netherlands)
Mr. Erez Galonska (Chairman, INFARM, Germany)
Mr. Maximilian Lössel (Chairman, AGRILUTION, Germany)
Ms. Selma Seddik (Chairwoman, INSTOCK, Netherlands)
Prof. Dr. Carsten Schulz (Chairman, Marine Aquaculture, Germany)

2015: Water as a crucial resource

Prof. Dr. Lundquist (Stockholm International Water Institute, Sweden)
Mr. Cesare Ronchi (Barilla, Italy)
Dr. Grobicki (Global Water Partnership, UK)
Mr. Jippe Hoogeveen (Land and Water Division, FAO, Italy)
Prof. Hong Yang (Swiss Institute for Aquatic Science and Technology)

2014: Sustainability, Water, and Emerging Management Opportunities

Dr. Josef Haber (Director BASF, Germany)
Prof. Rod Franklin (Kühne & Nagel Logistics Co. and Kühne Logistics University, CH and DE)
Dr. Ashok Kumar Chapagain (Science Director, Global Water Footprint Network, Netherlands)
Mr. David Rhotert (Chairman, Campisto Crowdfunding Platform, Germany)
Mr. Wilfried Schock (Chairman, Social Media Marketing, Germany)

2013: Urban Agriculture, Food Logistics and PPP

Mr. A. Modig (Global Sustainability Director, Plantagon, Sweden)
Prof. Dr. M. Köhler (President, World Green Infrastructure Network)
Dr. K. Jäger (CEO, Europool Systems, Germany)
Dr. J. Maat (Director, TI Food and Nutrition, WUR, Netherlands, formerly Director Research Unilever)

2012: Corporate Social Responsibility

Mr. M. Coomans (Food and Art Design, formerly European Commission, DG Enterprise)
Ms. M. Rute (EU, DG Research, Director Biotechnologies, Agriculture, Food)
Mr. B. Geier (Chairman advisory board REWE ProPlanet)
Mr. G. Calzolari (President Granarolo, Italy)
Dr. Koen Boone (Director, The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) Europe)
Dr. M. Blowfield (Director Transformation Center, Smith School, Oxford)
Mr. S. Kreutzberger (Author and journalist)

2011: Scenario Dynamics - Challenges Ahead

Dr. Angela Wilkinson (Program Director, Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment)
Dr. Juan Gonzalez-Valero (Head Public Policy Syngenta and WBCSD liaison officer)
Mr. Mark Schauer (Head TEEB within UNEP), external
Prof. Erik Mathijs ( SCAR/EU committee)

2010: The Challenge of Transparent Food

Mr. F. Ahlers (Chairman, FROSTA AG)
Mr. H. Hagspiel (Chairman, Fairea)
Mr. J. Elfman (Chairman Health, Grey Worldwide)
Mr. M. Abreu (Tetra Pac Europe)
Dr. M. Rosier (Director Research, Boerenbond)
Dr. T. Busse (Author and Moderator)

2009: Science meets the world of regulations

Mr. Coomans (European Commission, DG Enterprise)
Prof. Dr. DeHaen (former Assistant Secretary Gerneral, FAO)
Dr. Fischler (former EU commissioner Agriculture)
Dr. Godefroy (Director, Health Canada)
Ms. Majewski (Strategy Officer, EFSA)
Mr. Schmidt (Board GlobalGAP and formerly Ahold)

2008: Science meets industry

BASF (Dr. Haber, Value Chain Manager)
Nestlé (Dr. Joehr, Corporate Head Agriculture)
Pfeifer & Langen, Sugar Industry (Dr. Greubel, CEO)
Unilever (Dr. Maat, Director External Research)

Some previous invited speakers from research and scientific associations
with specific themes:

Andrew Morgan
Director Global 78, UK

Dr. Bettina Rudloff
German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin

Prof. Dr. Allen Myles
Leader Climate Research Program, Oxford, UK

Prof. Dr. Mark Rounsevell
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Land Use and Change, Germany

Prof. Dr. Harald von Witzke
Chair, Humboldt Forum e.V., Berlin

Prof. Dr. Florian Bauer
Strategy Research, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Prof. Dr. Stefan Tangermann
Policy Research, University of Göttingen, Germany

Mr. Emanuel Jankowski
DG Agri, European Commission

Prof. Dr. Fedro Zazueta
University of Florida, USA

Ms. Charlotte Harding
World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

Dr. Harry Aiking
Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dr. Antonio di Giulio
DG Research, European Commission

Prof. Dr. Hans H. Hinterhuber
Strategy Research, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Knorr
Food Technology, Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar
Business Informatics and Information Management, TU Munich, Munich, Germany

Prof. Dr. Kurt Matzler
Strategic Management, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Dr. Thomas Ohlsson
Sustainability Research, SIK, Göteborg, Sweden

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schredelseker
Finance Research, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria

Dr. Sjaak Wolfert
Information Research, LEI Wageningen UR, Wageningen, The Netherlands