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Payment of conference and membership fees

Registered participants will receive an invoice which lists the conference fee and outlines the payment procedure.
Payment alternatives are listed below for further reference.

       1. Basic alternative within Europe: Bank transfer

  • Account holder:   CentMa, Intern. Center
  • Reference:   Forum2024 - "your name" (important)
  • Account no:   129 592 201
  • Bank:  Commerzbank Bonn
  • Bank address:    In der Suerst 2-4, D-53111 Bonn, Germany
  • IBAN:    DE14 3804 0007 0129 5922 01
  • Legal Address Account Holder:    Eichkoppelweg 64, D-24119 Kronshagen
  • 2. Money transfer by email via PAYPAL

    Users of a PAYPAL account may send money through the e-mail ''. Please make sure that you are using your own account. Sending money through PAYPAL accounts of non-participants makes it difficult to allocate the fee to participants. If you have to use an account of a non-participant we ask you to send an e-mail to in which you inform us on the name of the account from which fees have been sent on behalf of you.

    3. Money transfer by credit cards via PAYPAL